Cava Packager News

Cava Packager Development

Old Domain Name Retired

The original domain hosting Cava - - is moving to a place in the sun. All existing links were changed to some time ago along with all the published email addresses.

Cava packager will continue to be supported and published at just as before. All that is changing is that the old domain name is going elsewhere.

Linux 2.0.81 Update

An updated version of Cava Packager 2.0.81 for Linux has been released containing a workaround for a wxWidgets issue.

wxWidgets has some problems with recent gtk releases ( for example gtk2-2.24.10-3 as released with Fedora 17 ). In particular wxFileDialog::GetDirectory it seems always returns the default path rather than the selected path. This release of Cava Packager works around this by calling wxFileDialog::GetPath instead.

wxDirDialog::GetPath also suffers some problems. In the directory selector dialog, if the required directory is 'Opened' in the dialog, with no inner directory selected, the default directory is returned. This can be worked around in usage by returning up one level in the dialog and selecting the required directory.

OS Packager Development

Work continues on the Open Source code for Citrus Packager, an improved derivative of Cava Packager.

Cava Packager will continue to be supported with bug fixes as required until users have migrated to Citrus Packager.

Cava Packager 2.0.80 Released

Cava Packager version 2.0.80 has been released. This version of Cava Packager contains several bug fixes over previous versions and provides support for the Citrus Perl package release of Perl 5.16.

It is recommended that all users should upgrade to this version.