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Utilities Overview

The Cava::Packager utilities provide your development environment with functions and methods that will be available to your packaged scripts. Using 'Cava::Packager' within your script simulates the packaged environment.

'Using' Cava::Packager within your scripts is optional.

If you prefer not to 'use' Cava Packager but would still like to access the Cava Packager functions only when packaged, then you can test if your script is running packaged under Cava as in the example below:

if($Cava::Packager::PACKAGED) {
    my $result = Cava::Packager::SomeFunction();

$Cava::Packager::PACKAGED will return undef if your script is not packaged regardless of whether you have 'used' Cava::Packager. When packaged, it will always return true.

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Cava Packager Copyright © 2006-2012 Mark Dootson