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Project Layout

When you start a new project, a directory structure and files are created under the selected project folder.


Note that the project layout has changed significantly with Cava Packager release 2.0.55.

On completion of a scan and a build, the release folder and the installer folder will be populated with the results of your build. The installer folder will contain a distributable compressed file containing the contents of the release folder. You may use the contents of the release folder to build your own setup or installer directly.

The contents of installer and release folders are deleted and recreated on every build. Cava Packager uses the other sub-folders to maintain project files and logs.

If you have chosen the name 'MyApp' for your top level folder, then after building the release directory will have the directory structure:

For Windows, Linux and 'Darwin Executables' type layout on MacOSX:


You may have chosen to compress your res folder, in which case this will not be present in the release directory. If your have no resource or user files, then the 'res' and 'user' folders will not be present.

For a MacOSX App Bundle the layout is different:


Again, if you have chosen to compress your res folder this will not be present in the release directory.

The release directory is portable. All that you have to do to distribute your application is distribute the content of the release directory. Your executables are in the 'bin' or 'MacOS' folders.

If you wish to store your project files and data using a version control system, you should exclude several of the sub-folders from version control. Full details are contained in Using Version Control

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