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Application Distribution

After a project build Cava Packager produces a 'release' directory in the project folder that contains your application. See Project Layout.

This is a portable directory structure containing your application. All that is needed to distribute your application in a basic manner is to distribute this directory structure.

Cava Packager provides some in-built basic methods of distribution. On any platform you may produce a self extracting executable containing the release directory. This can then be extracted to a required directory with the command:

my_sfx_executable -qou -d C:\installpath

The self extracting executable is produced by default on Windows and Linux and can always be built or rebuilt using the Distribution Menu. The distribution menu provides access to several other compression methods.

On Mac OS X there is the option to create a DMG and this is the default for MacOSX App Bundles.

You may also use the contents of the 'release' directory directly to produce your own custom setup or installation packages. The only requirement is that you must install the entire release directory intact, including the preservation of any symlinks.

If you are creating a custom installation, perhaps the simplest method would be to wrap the self extracting executable which automatically preserves symlinks and execute it as part of your installation.

Cava Packager also provides access to different installer creation options on different platforms. See Installer Reference.

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