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Cava Packager provides different levels of support and assistance for creating installers on the different supported operating systems.

MS Windows

The MS Windows version of Cava Packager has the command line processor from Inno Setup bundled with the installation. The Installer Project node provides access to basic Installer configuration. For more sophistacated options, the full version of Inno Setup can be installed from

MS Windows Installer Detail


The Linux version of Cava Packager contains a custom installer wrapper that will wrap and run any user provided Perl code as an installer. A fully functional GUI installer that utilises the wxPerl bindings to wxWidgets is also included. This provides an installer for wxPerl applications with minimal overhead. You can use this GUI installer even if your application does not use wxPerl but you will incur the overhead of bundling Wx and wxWidgets with your application.

The installer Perl source is open so that you may customise the installer code to suite any additional requirement you may have. You can also create your own Perl installation code from scratch. Modules that carry out basic installation tasks without reliance on Wx are provided. For a complete custom installer you only need to write Perl code that wraps these module functions.

Linux Installer Detail

Mac OS X

All supported versions of Mac OS X have an in-built application packager - PackageMaker - installed with Xcode that provides a rich interface for creating installation packages. Cava Packager on Mac OS X simply points to PackageMaker for installer creation.

Mac OS X Installer Detail

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