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Project Release

The Project Files node provides simple access to the results of a project build.

Any item from the project files list can be dragged to a new location or copied to the clipboard. (On some platforms the operation may limited to dragging or copying.)

Project Distributable

Project distributables provide a simple but complete method of disributing your application. By default, when a build completes a self extracting executable is produced containing your complete application. (On MacOSX a DMG image is produced).

The self extractor can be invoked with parameters to extract to a particular location.

my_example-linux-x86-1-0-0 -qou -d /home/myname/progs

Several other compressed formats can be produced using the Distribution Menu options.

Project Release Folder

When dragged or copied to a new location, the project release folder contains a full uncompressed copy of your application. You can use this option to employ more sophisticated packaging and distribution methods of your own.

Project Scan Log

This is a text copy of the previous scan operation log.

Project Build Log

This is a text copy of the previous build operation log.

Inno Setup Script Template

This is the Inno Setup script template that Cava Packager uses to create an installer. You may take a copy and use it as the basis for your own custom iss script.

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