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Platform - MS Windows

Cava Packager should work with any threaded Perl that includes a shared libperl.

Citrus Perl

Citrus Perl provides a binary distribution of Perl especially built for application developers. It gives a common environment across all supported platforms. Cava Packager itself is developed on and packaged with Citrus Perl.

Other Binary Perl Distributions

Using a binary perl distribution is attractive when building distributable applications as many issues of portablility have already been addressed by the distribution provider.

If you use a different binary distribution of Perl please ensure that your intended use of Cava Packager complies with the license terms of that distribution.

You should be able to build successfully using Strawberry Perl or ActivePerl.

Perl Compiled From Source

If you compile your own Perl from source then you may wish to consider using the mingw-w64 compiler which comes in 32 and 64 bit flavours. For 64bit Perl, the 64 bit VC++compiler in the 2003 Windows SDK will also build an easily distributable Perl (As will VC++6 for 32 bit builds).

If you build using VC++ 8 or above, then you will have to deal with including and installing the correct VC++ runtime libraries with your distribution.

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