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Platform - Mac OS X

Cava Packager should work with any threaded Perl that includes a shared libperl. However, success distributing your packaged applications will vary according to the characteristics of the Perl you use.


Cava Packager calls some Xcode utilities during packaging so you will need to have Xcode installed on your system.

Citrus Perl

Citrus Perl provides a binary distribution of Perl especially built for application developers. It gives a common environment across all supported platforms. Cava Packager itself is developed on and packaged with Citrus Perl.

Native Mac OS X Perl

You will be limited to the Mac OS X version and machine architecture that matches your build machine. Some parts of this Perl on some editions of Mac OS X are broken. It is also widely regarded as inadvisable to alter the native Perl installation so it is a common practice to install an alternative Perl for application work.


You will be limited to the version of Mac OS X on which you build your package being the minimum and, depending whether or not you succeed in building a universal variant, the architecture on which you build the package.


If you use ActivePerl and only use PPM modules from the ActiveState repository and the repository, you will be able to distribute packages that work on any G4 or Intel Mac running Tiger 10.4 or greater. Other repositories may also provide suitable universal modules. Using this Perl, modules you build from CPAN should also work on the same range of platforms, provided, of course, you do not use any custom build paths or includes when building the modules.

As with any binary distribution of Perl, please ensure that your intended use of Cava Packager complies with the license terms of that distribution.

Compiling Perl From Source

If you wish your application to run on the widest variety of Macs, you should create a shared threaded Perl with universal binaries

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