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Platform - Linux

You should be able to build packages using any threaded Perl with a shared libperl, but success distributing the packages will vary according to the characteristics of the Perl you use and the library versions present in the distribution of Linux you use to build your Perl modules.

Citrus Perl provides a binary distribution of Perl especially built for application developers. It gives a common environment across all supported platforms. Cava Packager itself is developed on and packaged with Citrus Perl.

Cava Packager Standard Edition has dependencies on glibc 2.5 and GTK 2.10. Business suscribers have access to Cava Packager EL3 edition which provides support for packaging on RHEL 3 and 4 by depending on glibc 2.3 and GTK 2.2.

We recommend building and packaging your applications using Citrus Perl on the CentOS 5 distribution if that is available to you.

You might find that using a different binary distribution of Perl such as ActivePerl and PPMs only for modules (no cpan or source builds) means that you can develop and package your applications on any Linux Distribution and have them run on the widest range of other distributions. As with any binary distribution of Perl, please ensure that your intended use of Cava Packager complies with the license terms of that distribution.

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