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Citrus Perl

Citus Perl is a binary distribution of Perl for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X with pre-built gui development tools.

Citrus Perl is not intended as a general replacement Perl but is designed for users developing desktop Perl applications.

Citrus Perl provides a common cross-platform wxPerl development environment. It is released under the standard Perl Artistic License. Some additional components carry their own licenses such as linked database drivers. Citrus Perl on Windows comes with a gcc compiler distribution from mingw-w64 which is subject to its own set of licenses.

You are free to use Citrus Perl as you wish. There are no restrictions beyond those imposed by the original component licenses.

Citrus Perl makes an excellent and recommended choice if you intend to distribute your applications using Cava Packager but you are also free to redistribute Citrus Perl as a platform for your own applications or to use, for example, PAR::Packer with Citrus Perl.

You can get Citrus Perl at

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