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Supported Perl Versions

Cava Packager supports all stable Perl versions from 5.8.9 onwards. For this release of Cava Packager, the latest major version of Perl currently supported is 5.14. Development versions(5.11, 5.13 etc) are not supported and will not work.

Perl must have a dynamic shared libperl available and be threaded on Windows and Mac OS X. Non threaded Perls are supported on Linux.

For Linux and Mac OS X platforms, how individual binary modules are built will also have a bearing on how portable your packaged applications are. For example, an extension module built using a shared library will be less portable than the same module linked to static libraries. Cava Packager allows you to distribute shared libraries with your application if static linking is not used or is not desirable.

As a general rule, you can gain maximum portability by building on the oldest distribution or version of the operating system that provides the features you require. Virtual Machine software such as VirtualBox ( can provide complete build and testing environments for multiple operating systems.

Binary Distributions of Perl

Pre-built binary Perl distributions and modules provide an attractive basis for building distributable applications as the issues of portability and the platform versions supported have already been addressed by someone else.

Citrus Perl provides a binary distribution of Perl especially built for application developers.

If you use a different binary distribution you should ensure that the license terms of that distribution are compatible with your intended use of Cava Packager.

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