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Module Rule Overview

Cava Packager calculates the dependencies of your scripts that need to be packaged by a simple text scan that searches for included module and script names. In some cases this is insufficient. One module might load others using concatenated variables or by directory searches. The text scan can never determine the shared libraries that might be used by an XS module.

Cava Packager deals with these cases by using a set of heuristics that are applied whenever specific modules are found as dependencies of your script.

Cava Packager exposes these heuristics as a user configurable set of Global Module Rules. The standard set of rules provided by Cava Packager is evolving and expanding. The application has a built in mechanism for updating these rules from our web site on demand. The rules that you amend or create can be exported and shared across all your installations or your organisation.

Module Rules allow you to:

Module Rules are managed via the

  • Global Modules Rules node of the application tree.

    The special Cava::Project rule is managed using the Project Rule node of the Project Tree.

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