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Rules - Editing and Override

Cava Packager comes with a default set of 'system' module rules that can be updated from the Cava Packager web site using the Tools Menu.

The panel header buttons provide access to the module rule management functions.

Override System Rule

System rules cannot be edited but you can create your own rule to override the system rule. You will be provided with the option of cloning the system rule set or starting with a blank default rule set. Any user defined override will continue to override the underlying system rule even if the system rule is updated.

Revert To System Rule

If you have overriden a system rule you can revert and remove your override using this command.

Add a User Defined Rule

If no system rule set exists for a module, you can create a rule set using this command.

Delete a User Defined Rule

If you have a user defined rule set with not underlying system rules, you can delete the user defined rule set using this command.

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