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Command Line Options

Cava Packager scans and builds projects using a command line executable cavaconsole.

Once you have created a project you can use cavaconsole directly to scan and build your project without using the GUI

The location of the executable varies according to your operating system.

On Windows the path to the executable is:

...\Cava Packager\bin\cavaconsole.exe

On Linux the path to the executable is:


On Mac OS X the path to the executable is:


To run cavaconsole pass the path to your project folder and the desired options:

The output from cavaconsole --help is

usage: cavaconsole  [--project "/path/to/project/dir"]

options :
    -H --help        print this help message
    -V --version     print version number
    -P --project     [path to project directory]
                     (required if not --help or --version)
    -S --scan        perform scan
    -B --build       perform build
    -R --newrelease  increment the build release number
       --loglevel    [0|1|2|3|4] (usefully 0, 1 or 4)
    -Q --quiet       equal to --loglevel 1 (warnings)
    -X --makesfx     make a self extracting executable
    -Z --makezip     make a zipped archive
    -G --maketgz     make a g-zipped tar
    -N --makebz2     make a b-zipped tar
    -D --makedmg     make a dmg archive (Mac OS X only)
    -I --makeins     create an installer package (Windows and Linux Only)


cavaconsole –-scan –-build –-makesfx –-project=/my/project/folder

will scan the project, build the result in the release directory and create a self extracting zip placed in the 'installer' folder.

You may also carry out steps individually

cavaconsole –-scan –-project=/my/project/folder
cavaconsole –-build –-project=/my/project/folder
cavaconsole –-makesfx –-project=/my/project/folder

This would allow you, for example, to add additional items to the release folder before making the self extracting zip.

Calling --makeins will only work if your build is installer capable.

If you have added the path to a post build script or a pre-installer script in your project, these will run at the appropriate part of the build or installer creation process.

In addition to output to the console, log files for the --scan and --build stages can be found at:


The cavaconsole application will exit with a none zero value on error. (you can consult the log files for info.)

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