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File Menu - Projects and Preferences

New Project
Toolbar -> New Project

Create a new Cava Packager Project.

Open Project
Toolbar -> Open Project

Open an existing project. The Cava Packager Tree Node also provides a list of recently opened projects.

Close Project
Toolbar -> Close Project

Close the currently open project.


Open the Global Preferences Dialog. Note that on MacOSX this option appears in the Application menu.

Reset Defaults

Selecting this menu option will restore all your installation settings and preferences to the defaults produced the first time Cava Packager is run.

Install Cava Packager Utilities

If you wish to use the Cava::Packager module in your code, you must install it into the Perl you are using. Select this option to locate a Perl executable and install the Cava::Packager utilities. Cava Packager will attempt to install using first, PPM if present, and then using Makefile.PL and make directly. Either of these options may fail for a number of reasons. For example, you may be running Cava Packager as a user without write permissions for the target Perl installation directories. If the installation fails, you can install the code manually. You can export a standard distribution tar.gz from the Tools Menu which can then build built and installed in the standard way.

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