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Distribution Menu

The distribution menu provides access to several simple compression methods that produce distributable files for your application. All Cava Packager packaged applications are contained within a portable directory tree. The options in the distribution menu package this directory tree into a single compressed file of the desired format. Once created, these compressed files are available from the Project Files Node

Create Self Extracting Zip Archive
Toolbar -> Create Self Extracting Zip

Available on all platforms, this will produce a standard self extracting executable containing your application. On Windows and Linux when a build is started from the gui a self extracting executable is automatically produced. If executed without parameters, the file will extract to the current directory. Passing -h as a parameter will display main options. For example, to extract to a given directory overwriting any existing files:

my_sfx_executable -qou -d C:\installpath

Create DMG Image
Toolbar -> Create DMG Image

Available only on MacOSX, selecting this option will produce a DMG image of your application. This is probably the only option you will need for distributing applications on MacOSX.

Create Installer
Toolbar -> Create Installer

Available only on Linux and Windows, selecting this option will create an installer using the platform specific toolset.

Create Zip Archive

Create a zip archive of your application.

Create tar.gz Archive

Create a tar archive of your application compressed using zlib compression.

Create tar.bz2 Archive

Create a tar archive of your application compressed using bzip2 compression.

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